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We all know that multinationals and large companies, in general, have their own rules, culture, and systems that make them functional, global, and... unique. But at the same time, they are identical in many ways. The situations are all related to the same 6Ms: Man, Method, Measurement, Milieu, Material, Machine, only the order may differ from one company to another.

On the other hand, the world we live in is based on industry. Whether we like it or not, our progress is linked to the smooth operation of these complex systems, whether it's an OEM, a medical system or services. It is a proven fact that the synergy between society and business (supply and demand) is at the heart of the smooth running of modern life, at least as we know it.

Yet these systems, while ideologically designed to be efficient and functional with the highest degree of predictability and capability, have dependencies. And here we return to the 5 M's and, of course, we are talking about resources - material, but especially human, both quantitative and qualitative (know-how).

Sometimes violent fluctuations in customer demand, raw material market, labour market developments bring a hard-to-manage impact in the harsh conditions of competitiveness and increasingly high standards. The costs for companies to meet these challenges are substantial and hard to imagine and predict even for experienced managers.

Therefore, the proper course of the industry is a general interest.

We would like to believe that this is Moveos' main role. Our experience in the multinational environment helps us understand the challenges of the industrial environment and also to be an interface in the area of the necessary resources that mitigate the aforementioned impact. An interface that reduces regional competition in the labour market (exactly one of the major influences), which provides viable alternatives to the urgent quantitative or qualitative need for labour, that connects labour supply in industrially unattractive areas with demand in already saturated industrial centres.

The fact that our development as a company takes place both in the manufacturing environment and in the development of industrial products (electric vehicles and more) brings us even closer to understanding and supporting the industrial environment.

We boldly and motivationally take on the role of becoming reliable partners towards the achievement of our customers' goals and performance and also to further develop ourselves, and thereby positively influence the society in which we exist, both as companies and as people.

Răzvan Urdea

Răzvan Urdea

Managing Partner

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating value by providing robust and reliable production support that combines innovation with efficiency. We are committed to facilitating the success of our partners by providing prompt, relevant and high-quality solutions. At the core of our commitment is a deep passion for excellence, a strong commitment to quality and an unwavering respect for customer relationships.

Our Vision

Our goal is to shape our future as a key provider and partner to support manufacturing in the industrial sector. We see ourselves evolving in tandem with our partners' existing infrastructure, providing valuable support and contributing to their ongoing expansion and success. We strive to add value not only on a business level, but also on a societal level, recognizing the interconnections between the business world and the communities in which we operate. Essentially, we envision a future in which Moveos is a positive catalyst for industry development, progress and innovation.


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